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Yogs planters are high-quality lawn fabric sewn into a tubular shape with polyester thread, filled with high-quality potting soil and sealed on the ends. They may be exposed to sunlight, weather and the elements without decaying. 

 A Yogs planter is 5.5" in diameter and 48" long. 

After placing the Yogs planter  in the desired place, the Yogs planter is moistened and then holes are cut in it to transplant bedding plants.  Because top-quality potting soil is used, plants may be planted very densely giving the impression of a solid mass of flowers in any shape that the tube has been placed.  Or you may choose to plant less densely and allow them to fill in as they grow.




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Choose the Planter You Need Below

Yogs Yard Planter

48" X 5.5" diameter
soil included
Web Price: $39.95

Yogs Water Wise Planter

Polymer Crystals in Soil Conserve Water
Web Price: $44.95

Yogs Drought Buster Planter

With Drip Irrigation Hose for Easy Water
Web Price: $84.95

Harvest Planter

Larger Diameter for Vegetables
Web Price: $49.95

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