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Yogs Yard Planter - $39.95
5.5" in diameter and 48" long

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High-quality lawn fabric sewn into a tubular shape with polyester thread, filled with high-quality potting soil and sealed on the ends.



Yogs Water Wise Planter - $44.95
5.5" in diameter and 48" long

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Yogs Water Wise planters are Yogs planters that have polymer crystals added to the soil. The polymer crystals store and release water gradually.



Yogs Drought Buster Planter - $84.95
5.5" in diameter and 48" long

flowers in parking lot.jpg (77062 bytes)Yogs Drought Buster planters are Yogs planters with an integrated drip irrigation tube. One end of the planter has a male coupling and the other end has a female coupling so that several may be connected together. They are particularly useful in an arid climate.



Veggie-Yogs Harvest Planter - $49.95
9.5" in diameter and 36" long

veggie yogs in nursery.jpg (97818 bytes)Veggie-Yogs Harvest planters are the same as the basic Yogs planter except they are fatter and shorter. The larger diameter provides additional soil for the vegetable's more extensive root system.



Any of the Yogs planters above may be made to order in custom sizes. Please call for pricing on custom sizes. 

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Yogs Yard Planter

48" X 5.5" diameter
soil included
Web Price: $39.95

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Yogs Water Wise Planter

Polymer Crystals in Soil Conserve Water
Web Price: $44.95






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Yogs Drought Buster Planter

With Drip Irrigation Hose for Easy Water
Web Price: $84.95

Harvest Planter

Larger Diameter for Vegetables
Web Price: $49.95

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