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Instructions for Installing Yogs Planters

  1. Pick a location in the sun or shade, depending on the needs of your plants.
  2. Place the Yogs planters where you want them. Make sure that the planters are placed where you want them before wetting them. When a planter is wet, it is very heavy and difficult to move. 
  3. Wet the planters thoroughly.  
  4. Cut slits across the Yogs planter where you will place your plants. Do not cut on or across a seam. If you are planting on a flat, open area, make straight slits on the top. If you are planting against a wall, make small inverted "T" slits on the side to minimize soil loss.
  5. Plant your seedlings in the slits.
  6. Keep the Yogs planter watered to meet the needs of your plants. 
  7. Enjoy your beautiful garden!







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Choose the Planter You Need Below

Yogs Yard Planter

48" X 5.5" diameter
soil included
Web Price: $39.95

Yogs Water Wise Planter

Polymer Crystals in Soil Conserve Water
Web Price: $44.95

Yogs Drought Buster Planter

With Drip Irrigation Hose for Easy Water
Web Price: $84.95

Harvest Planter

Larger Diameter for Vegetables
Web Price: $49.95

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