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Welcome! Yard Yogs® planters is an alternative gardening idea for gardeners who would like a simple, easy method of growing plants and vegetables in urban areas, on patios, driveways, decks, sidewalks, parking lots, balconies and other areas where there is no soil, poor soil content or soil with roots.
  • Fast & Easy Gardening, Without the Mess!
  • Poor Soil? Not a Problem
  • No More Weeding!
  • Decorate the Impossible!
  • Garden in Half the Space
  • Creative Shapes Are Sure to Impress
  • Move Planters for a New Look
  • Roots in the Way? Not Anymore!
  • Control the Spread of Invasive Groundcover
  • Simply Create Terracing on Slopes

"Our trees have big roots... 
with YOGS planters we can 
easily plant around them."
                           Patty Smith
                       Archdate, NC




Choose the Planter You Need Below


Yogs Yard 

48" X 5.5" diameter
soil included
Web Price: $39.95

Yogs Water Wise 

Polymer Crystals in Soil Conserve Water
Web Price: $44.95

Yogs Drought Buster Planter

With Drip Irrigation Hose for Easy Water
Web Price: $84.95

Harvest Planter

Larger Diameter for Vegetables
Web Price: $49.95


In continental US

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